I seem to have landed on WordPress!

Having been inspired reading adventure and motorcycle blogs I thought it an opportunity to share some stories.

My name is Paul, a proud father of two young men and well into my second half-century! I’ve been a solo traveller for some 22-years now, more so in recent years with the children carving their own paths.


What are my likes?  Socialising with like minded travellers, good food, red wine and of course chasing new horizons.  With that comes a love of nature, photography and finding stunning locations to toast the sunset.

Much of that is achieved through adventure motorcycling, my current steed is a very capable 2016 BMW F800GS Adventure. 


Not particularly fast or powerful; just a perfect tool for the job that’ll traverse rivers, open ground and off-road trails with ease whilst carrying far too much gear!

Much of my time is spent in Scotland and in particular the north west Highlands where I can be found wild camping beside a blazing fire or intentionally lost on the back roads soaking up the natural beauty that is so abundant in this amazing country.

Enough of the introduction …………………

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