Fitness Drive!

I’m climbing Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales on Friday 7th June along with several hundred other climbers in support of Alzheimers Society!

My previous significant mountain climb was Ben Lomond in Scotland back in 2009, I struggled on the descent through much discomfort in the knees. When I signed up for the charity event back in February it was with some trepidation.

In a previous blog I mentioned Mum passed away last year from dementia. It therefore seemed appropriate that I do something to help support the charity that provides so much support to families suffering at the hands of that awful disease.

At that time I was reasonably fit but realised more needed to be done if I was to be successful and not a burden to others! I’ve always loved trekking and hill walking; dogs and horses in a past life always required exercise, its been 20-yrs now since there was a dog to drag me out. At that time I was also a Sea Scout leader so outdoor life on the hills and water was a common occurrence.

I’ve therefore been working hard over last 4-months and now feel ready for the challenge. From initially hiking 24-miles each week that increased last month to 35-miles. Each hike now incudes a good climb of 1,500′ on the hills in and around Loch Lomond. There are rewards far greater than the exercise and I thought I’d share some of them with you in the gallery below.

What a way to get fit!

I’m looking forward to Snowdon and meeting like-minded shipmates, look out for my update.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Drive!

    1. It was good yet challenging, there was a steep point after the railway tunnel where I thought it may not happen! It did though and I was in first small group to top and returned to start point in 4 hr 30min. It was heavy rain by half way through the descent and quite misty on the peak. Thank you 😊

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