Welsh Adventure Part 2

Today was the Alzheimer’s Society Snowdon trek against dementia. An early morning check on the weather forecast showed further deterioration on the summit with a -3C wind chill!

I didn’t take much for breakfast at the hotel, instead making sure I had plenty of water and energy/protein bars for the trek. Some 220 trekkers met at the registration point where food was available. I loaded up with coffee.

I got chatting to others, that was good as I met them all at various stages on the mountain. The reps from the charity were great and very helpful. After a safety briefing we were off at about 10am.

Safety briefing

Well the rain stayed off for the greater part of the ascent which was a bonus. There were some steep sections early on in the climb then it seemed to level off which was a welcome break. Snowdon also has a railway and we caught a glimpse of the train and passengers chugging up. I’m sure many purist will see a conflict there.

We’re off!
Snowdon summit behind the cliff face
Choo choo up the mountain

We then encountered several really steep sections, I seemed to make good progress and stayed with a lead group of about eight. There was a point however after the railway goes over the path that I had my first and only thought of ‘I’ll not make this’. It was tough, it was slow and it was relentlessly steep. Whilst the rain had stayed away the wind was picking up and wind chill effect was evident. Camaraderie was great and I was never without a small group to pass the time with.

After the ‘I’ll not make this‘ moment – group well spaced out now

By now the goal was in sight, the final rise to the summit was steep, a gusting wind challenged my balance on a few occasions. We made it, breaks in the cloud cover allowed for some great pics.

The descent was quite wet as the clouds and heavy rain rolled in. I was back at registration point 4hr 30min from when we started, that was a good time for the old legs and the training I’d highlighted in a previous blog clearly paid off.

Enormous thanks to the representatives from the charity for their help and support and for making it happen. Those on the mountain today raising funds for dementia were the real hero’s, over £40,000 had been raised. I slept for two hours after return to the hotel!

So what does Part 3 have in store. Tomorrow I move to Bala to camp for 5-days, over that time I’m going to be a tourist; coffee shops, trekking and exploring Wales by motorcycle. More about that next week.

Wore the shirt got the medal